Boys Varsity Tennis · Boys Varsity Tennis beats West Hills 15 – 3

15 El Cajon Valley High School
3 West Hills High School
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Away Home
El Cajon Valley High School vs West Hills High School
15 3

Valley League Champs 2018
We believed we could, and so we did. In over 2 decades the Braves for the first time win the League title!

From being the underdogs to League Champs! Here is our journey.

Taking over a team that had not won a single match in over 23 years was a challenge that I took on about 4 years ago.
When I started coaching, we didn’t have balls, rackets, and barely a full varsity team. In order to make practice even possible, we would get balls donated to us by other schools we would compete against. Crazy! During matches, my athletes would run to the other schools’ shed to pick up boxes of dead balls like it was Christmas! Believe it or not, balls that were unusable by them were balls that we used to become champions! Holding on strong to their hope that one one day these balls would make us competitive enough to go against tough schools. And they did. Building a championship team with dead balls was unrealistic to everyone. Today, the Braves proved them wrong. Building a championship team with young men who had never held a racket before until they played on our courts was something impossible. Something unheard of. Again the Braves proved them wrong today. You see it didn’t matter what we had, what mattered was what was inside. What was inside was something so beautiful, so full of strength and passion. Drive, dedication, the will to be better every single day are 3 things that they had that no one else did and that made all the difference. What they failed to realize is the strength that these Braves had in the them, how much they were capable of achieving. Every single day, every single day for 3 hours they pushed and struggled, the more they struggled the more they pushed and the more they stayed after practice to fix mistakes, the more that fire in them to become League Champs heightened. Never stopping, never quitting. Won our first league match for the first time in 23 years 3 seasons ago, 2nd season they came back hungry for more winning 2, and this season the Braves are undefeated with an overall record of 10-0! 10-0! Defeated every single school that once used us as practice tools and didn’t see us as the real competition. Every single school that used their JV for their starting line up to play our Varsity no longer seemed to stand a chance against the mighty Braves! The Braves never got comfortable, never once claimed to be too good. Kept their head high, focused and always were ready to kill out there.
These young men were ready to fight and compete every single week. Playing 3 matches a week not one complained, not one gave up. We were one, we practiced as one, and didn’t stop until we were #1.

I am so proud of every single one of you. For your struggles, for your efforts, and all the time you have dedicated to this team I appreciate you. You are my inspiration and my strength in every single way.